Our next exhibition

groß Frieze Masters, Regent's Park, London
6 - 9 October 2016

The fair brings together several thousand years of art in a unique, contemporary context. See and buy art from more than 130 of the world’s leading galleries specialising in antiquities, Asian art, ethnographic art, illuminated manuscripts, medieval, modern and post-war art, Old Masters and 19th Century, as well as photography, sculpture and wunderkammer. Read more about the fair.

work of the month



The mole cricket (Gryllotalpa gryllotalpa) is named after its ability to dig a passage through earth by shovelling away the soil with its forelegs. Holsteijn’s depiction is naturalistic and accurate. It shows the variously articulated rear segment of the body, the close-fitting wings with their black veins, the head shield, the head with one of its eyes, the two ‘shovelling’ feet and the four other legs. Read more about the work.

the latest catalogue

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The catalogue Paintings, Oil Sketches and Sculptures, 1630-1928 presents our most recent acquisitions. Our handpicked selection spans 300 years of art history, testifies to our passion for art and to the enigma of the conditio humana inherent in every true work of art.

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